What Makes A Heliostia Floral Backpack Unique?

Heliostia Mummy Diaper Bag provides the perfect combination of style, durability and functionality. Designed for the busy lifestyle of modern parents, the bag offers solutions to the various challenges of being out with babies and young children.  

With 15 compartments, it has ample storage space for baby supplies, as well as parents. Each compartment varies in size, making it easier to organise both loose items as well as big items including diapers, baby powder, baby wipes, bottles, dummy, hair clips and more.

To further improve the functionality of the bag, a changing mat is included. This compact baby-changing mat fits snuggly inside the bag, making it easy to access for quick diaper changes as needed anywhere anytime. 

Accessibility is also improved thanks to the magnetic button opening. This means the bag’s main storage compartment can be opened with just one hand, which is extremely useful when holding a baby or young child. Also don’t have to worry the zipper sound will wake the baby. 

Comfort is the key for any parenting out and about with a baby or young child. Carrying all the necessary supplies usually means a heavier bag, so it is important to provide suitable support in a diaper bag. The straps come with thick padding and are adjustable, making it easier to find the right position to maintain comfort and avoid fatigue. 

Durability is another important component of the bag. The diaper bag can be wiped clean with a wet cloth, while the water resistant fabric ensures no issues from spillages or rainfall. Premium quality stitching combined with thick, robust fabrics help to prevent any tears developing after frequent use. 

Having a durable product is incredibly useful given all the wear and tear a diaper bag tends to see - expect this one to last for the long haul. Also, because diaper bag built to last, parents get continued use from it even as the child grows. 

Style is also an important aspect of any diaper bag, even though many brands overlook this. The bag offers a simple yet attractive design, featuring a subtle black fabric punctuated with a vibrant floral design at the front. 

Floral Pattern Diaper bag, diaper backpack, mummy bag

This design was chosen for its close connection to New Zealand nature, inspired by the Kowhai Tree. Known for its eye-catching yellow flowers, considered the unofficial flower of New Zealand, the Kowhai Tree embodies the beautiful nature of this country, being the perfect symbol to help bring a sense of tranquil nature to mothers.  

Moreover, this design is more striking than your average diaper bag, making it easier to style with any outfit. Just because it is a diaper bag, does not mean it shouldn’t look great on moms! 

The Heliostia Diaper Bag empowers the modern moms, offering the perfect balance between style and functionality. Feature-rich, the versatile diaper bag offers solutions to the various challenges of navigating day-to-day life, with a combination durability and flexibility making it one of the best choice you will make.


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