Heliostia Brand Story

Brand owner Cindy is the brain behind it all - a contemporary designer to create a diaper bag for mothers and women with busy lifestyle and love traveling. The brand Heliostia was named after her kids (Helios + Hestia).

Cindy is a busy mother of three young children and has a strong passion in fashion, art and outdoors. Given that there were very limited diaper bag options available on the market to meet her needs - stylish, comfortable, sustainable, and multifunctional, Cindy decided to create an innovative bag which can cater to all needs of a mum. Therefore, Heliostia was formed and introduced as a result.

There are 4 product aspects to take into consideration: Functionality, Design, Quality and Comfortability. Heliostia aims to inject creativity, trend, classic and versatility into the traditional diaper bag, which make them unique.

The Heliostia Floral Backpack design was inspired by the beautiful natural element of New Zealand Kowhai flower, brining moms the calm, relax and peaceful feeling from the nature to their busy lives, reminding them to take a break and enjoy life, empowering moms with happiness every day. 

Heliostia Floral Backpack has 15 compartments to put all of baby's necessities as well as mom's, which allows moms to stay well equipped at all times, makes on-the-go experience with their little ones easeful.

It is suitable for all stages of motherhood: Pregnant -> New Born -> Toddler -> School Age. A bag that can be used continuously using even after babies have grown up, and looks cool on dad too.

Heliostia represents appreciation to moms for their love and care to the family and kids. Thus, an exclusive customized gift box was included, as it's not just an ordinary diaper bag, it's a gift to all the amazing moms, to provide them with a premium experience.

Hope you enjoy the journey being with us, and like the product Heliostia brought to you.



Heliostia Team


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