Heliostia Brand Story

 Innovative, Versatile, Sustainable

The Brand Heliostia was established in 2021, named after the founder’s own kids (Helios and Hestia).

Cindy - Founder & Designer who is a mother of three young children has a strong passion in fashion, design and travel. She was devoted to create a selection of innovative bags for contemporary women who carry multiple identities, believe in themselves, value their capabilities, strive and enjoy the motherhood journey while balancing the challenges it brings.

Heliostia started during the pregnancy of Cindy's third baby, the previous diaper bags were either ripped due to the material was too thin or it's been given away as it was no longer required after the babies grown up. The ordinary diaper bags are hardly reusable due to those circumstances. 

As a result, we feel purposeful to create sustainable solution to the limit use of mummy bag due to design and quality. Stylish and timeless products that mother love to carry in most of the occasions, as well as considering all the needs of modern generation of women.

Designed in New Zealand, with inspiration from the beautiful scenery of nature. There are 4 aspects to be considered: Functionality, Design, Quality and Comfortability. We aim to inject creativity, trend, classic and versatility into the traditional bags for motherhood, which make them unique, stylish, practical and enjoyable to use.


The brand also convey the below messages:

H – Harmony (Help modern women to find the balance between work and family, to create a harmony environment)

E – Empowerment (Empower modern women with strength and confidence, encourage them to pursued their dream life and professions)

L – Love (Emphasize the importance of love in the motherhood journey, and raise the kids with care and love)

I – Innovation (Devote to offer products that are innovative and creative, to meet the needs of modern women)

O – Original (Design from scratch, each piece is unique and special, ensure the best exquisite item we can offer)

S – Support (Consider the features required for modern women in different stages, to support them switch between different roles easily)

T – Trust (Provide value to our customers, create products that are durable, can be used in multiple occasions, with the high quality and affordable price)

I – Inclusivity (Encourage women with diversify background and culture to have equal opportunities in the society)

A – Amazement (Surprise our customers with variety of unique products to meet the needs of modern mothers)

Hope you enjoy the journey being with us, and like the products Heliostia brought to you.



Heliostia Team

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