Heliostia Natural Series Mummy Diaper Bag - A Perfect Solution For You and Your Baby Needs

An unparalleled and unbeatable diaper bag

Heliostia is devoted to making the lives of a contemporary, up to the minute mom convenient. Furthermore, creating sustainable products is our top priority. After period of thoughtful contemplation and tremendous efforts, we have introduced our fashionable, purposeful diaper backpack. It is a unique blend of originality, creativity, practicality, and novelty. 

Our new diaper bag is meant to rid the mothers of the possible difficulties brought about due to mobility with kids. For this product, we have combined our concepts of style, innovations, and durability while envisioning a smooth and simple lifestyle for the new moms. The diaper bag is carefully designed to provide the utmost comfort and satisfaction to the users. 

At Heliostia, we understand the stress that new mothers constantly undergo to fulfil the needs of their little ones. We appreciate their selfless efforts. We aspire to bring solutions to make their lives easier, as they cherish the rejoicing moments with their little one rather than worrying about missing out on any of the requirements of the child when walking out of the home. 

Product Features 

Check out some of the unique features Heliostia Mummy Diaper bag offers that your ordinary diaper bag has been missing. You wouldn't want to miss out on these useful bag features to step out of home with your baby.

  • Flip-open cover with magnet button to allow quick access.
  • Designated padded pocket to put laptop with consideration for working mums.
  • Zipped pockets to store small and loose items.
  • Top buckle and expandable magnet buttons on both sides which provide flexibility to adjust space for additional items as required.
  • Thick and airy shoulder straps help to support the weight and optimize comfort level.

Our nature series diaper bags maximize luxury and convenience. They comprise a multitude of dynamic features making your on-the-go experience with your little one easeful. 

Capacious pockets to pack all your essentials

The compact yet spacious configuration of the bag allows you to stay well equipped with all the necessary baby supplies at all times while simultaneously providing enough room to accommodate all your essentials. 

This bag is not just handy but also versatile. Multiple pockets for efficient organization allow moms to free themselves from carrying another bag to put in their keys, wallets, or even laptop. The aim of this bag is to broaden the element of practicality in the lives of modern, robust mothers. 

The storage capacity of the bag is superior. The bag not only has various sized pockets, but the expandable magnet buttons on the backpack allow it to fit in many handy items. 

Clutter-free organization of your items 

You can hang your keys in the key-ring hook, instead of digging deep to find the bunch of keys every time. Comprising of a designated padded pocket for your laptop or tablet, your equipment will be well protected. 

Place your valuables in the anti-theft pocket without having to worry about losing your precious belongings. 

Light-weight for easy portability 

Apart from offering the key features for an immaculate diaper bag, the versatile product itself has minimal weight, making it relatively easy to travel around. With the luggage straps and stroller buckles on the bag, it can be easily hung or placed, so you wouldn't have to carry it on your shoulders the entire time. 

Premium quality durable material to last for years, even after your baby has grown up, you can still use it to go to the beach, hiking or picnic.

Heliostia assures our customers a durable and long-lasting multifunctional solution. These bags are made with premium quality polyester fabric, they are resilient and waterproof. Integrated with the beautiful New Zealand nature elements in our design to offer the user a relax yet elegant look to goes well with all outfits. Take it to your workplace or elsewhere while taking care of your baby, you do not have to worry about one bag is not enough to fit in all the necessities. 

The right choice for moms 

Our innovative, multipurpose backpacks evidently reduce the likelihood of missing out on any essentials when you leave home with your baby. Order now to experience the convenience and utility offered by this creative diaper bag.

Surprise fellow moms with the perfect gift

Additionally, the exclusive, customized packaging of the stylish and comfortable mummy diaper bag makes a perfect gift for a new mother or mother with young kids. Brace the life of the mothers around you by presenting them with this high quality and unique design product. We assure you that they will be pleased to receive such a thoughtful item with practical solution as a gift, and stick to this bag while moving around with their little babies.


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